Thank you for attending our 
15th Annual Conference!

We look forward to seeing you in January 2024 for our 
16th Annual Conference!



Brandi Heather speaks from the heart of experience when she says “what we want most for our families and children is what we need to give our human service professionals and front-line workers. Everything flows through them.” It is time to return to play.

Brandi spent 20 years as a college professor in Kinesiology and Sport Studies, specializing in disability inclusion, accessibility, and therapeutic play. She holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education, A BEd in Special Education, a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University and Advanced Certification in Play Therapy. As a four-time nominee for the Alberta Women's Entrepreneurship Award, and winner of the Women of Excellence Award in Sport and Recreation, she is committed to building organizations where people want to be, by getting them back “in play”.

She is the author of the book Return To Play: Rebuilding Resilience, Risk and Reconnection, a best seller in Educational Leadership and Inclusive Education.

She is honoured to open the 15th Annual ALIGN Conference, and to be a part of improving services for children and families across Alberta.
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