Thank you for attending our 
15th Annual Conference!

We look forward to seeing you in January 2024 for our 
16th Annual Conference!

About ALIGN's Conference

Our Annual Conference has become a key event in our calendar, both literally and figuratively. Figuratively, in that it is a part of our identity as an Association. This is particularly so given the theme of our Conference, “Strengthening Today, Building Tomorrow.” What this means is that we are present and future focused, and that we possess both strengths, and a vision for the future, just like our kids and families. These strengths and vision are essential to our sector, for we are, and will be, surrounded by change. Our strengths and vision will sustain us, and make us leaders in supporting the wellness of our Province’s children and families.
We know that we will have another exceptional lineup of presenters who will stimulate our learning and our ability to help children and families. As importantly, the conference is an opportunity to reconnect with each other and renew our commitment to our work, and our compassion for those we serve. Most of all, celebrate what you do and the impact you have.
"This was probably the best presentation/workshop I have ever been to. I learned so much and was very engaged with the way the information was presented. What wonderful teachings I received!"

– 2022 Virtual Conference Attendee
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