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15th Annual Conference!

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Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning medical doctor, internationally recognized for her expertise in mental health, stress management, burnout prevention and resilience.

She has provided education on these topics to a wide range of organizations including the United States Navy, Google, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte and MIT.

In addition to her twenty years of primary care experience, she also coaches a broad range of clients — from senior executives to physicians and other health professionals — to take control of their mental and physical well-being.

Her popular Psychology Today blog has over 10 million views, and her opinions have been featured in media such as the Today Show, BBC World Service Radio, Forbes, and others.

Dr. Biali Haas overcame burnout and depression at the beginning of her career, quickly becoming an internationally recognized influencer in health and well-being. With over two decades spent studying wellness and resiliency, eighteen years of clinical experience with thousands of patients, and more than ten years coaching clients worldwide, Dr. Biali Haas is exceptionally skilled at equipping people to live better lives.<Back to Speakers
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